Fall Tryouts 2022

Do you or someone you know want to come try out for a spot on SFU Cheerleading? No previous experience is necessary!

Come join us at open tryouts on Wednesday September 14th at 7:30PM @SFU in the East Gym on the Burnaby Campus. Check-in will start at 7:00pm and tryouts will begin at 7:30pm.

If you are planning on attending tryouts you must fill out this form prior: https://forms.gle/DE8Ww2qUee4phdMt7

Tryouts will include physical fitness and ability testing with some time to showcase any cheerleading or gymnastics skills. Come prepared by wearing proper gym attire, athletic shoes and a water bottle.

Successful tryout candidates should be prepared for a second tryout on Sunday, September 18th at 7:30pm. Throughout the semester, the team practices two days per week; typically Wednesdays and Sunday evenings. All athletes are expected to attend all practices.

Make sure to share the link with friends or anyone you think would be interested! Links can also be found in our Instagram bio and on our Twitter @sfu_cheer!

See you at tryouts!

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